Did I mention?

British Gas have come back to haunt me. When we moved I took my no problem supplier with me. We had failed to establish who the original supplier for gas was and British Gas had denied they were it since our meter reference was not in their database. I guess they had just not updated it at the time we called, new build and all that. This meant they had neither the name of the occupier or the correct address, which meant we did not get a final bill from them for 6 months. Mind you no name, an incorrect address, no meter reading and no bill being sent did not stop them passing on the supposed debt to a collection agency who were prompt to send letters threatening to send bailiffs.

Anyway we have now received a final bill, they ahve corrected the address but not the name of the occupier and the final reading for some time at the end of February is higher than the current reading in October. I have pointed out they might have overcharged us a little. So watch this space.


19.10.08 14:01


File under "things you wish you didn't have to say at 3 am".

"It's great that you managed to make it to the bathroom when you realised you were going to be sick, now next time if you could possibly lift the lid and be sick in the toilet rather than all over it it would be even better"

12.10.08 21:16



Despite the best attempts from the driver of the bus replacement service between Horsham and Three Bridges to kill as many road users as he could we have made it home alive from the seaside.

Attempt 1: attempting to pull out into traffic, realising he can't take on the flow and reversing without checking if there are people behind him, being oblivious to the horn beeping of the cars behind him, including the one he reversed into and then driving off.

Attempt 2: pulling onto the roundabout without checking for oncoming traffic. The 2 dudes in the red car were quite impressed with their car's braking distance.

Attempt 3: pulling out at Crawley station, the traffic light was only a little bit red, honest.


11.10.08 23:18

The shirt, a play in 3 acts

Act 1:

MFC: Has she shown you the hideous shirt she tried to give me?

Strops: Not yet. What is so wrong with it that it's hideous

MFC: Everything. It has fake leather strips stitched on it and an indian chief on the front.

Strops: It can't be that bad.

Act 2:

MFC: Mum, can you get the hideous shirt you bought me and show it to Strops.

HeMamma: It's not hideous. They are the latest craze and they cost over $75 but I didn't pay that of course.

MFC: It *is* hideous. Show it.

*the T-shirt is presented and Strops struggles hard to keep a straight enough face. It is indeed hideous, it has rolled unfinished edges, bits of fake leather randomly stitched on the front and a picture of an Indian chief complete with feathered head-dress and eagle in the background.*

Act 3:

The Boy (commenting about MFC and Strops goofing out at the dinner table): They are crazy

HeMamma: I know they are crazy. They think my shirt is hideous.

The Boy: Well, it IS hideous.

Teh Tact is strong in this family. 


14.9.08 22:39

Unphotographable *

* totally swiped from Melle

 This is a picture I did not take of a man picking his nose while queuing for food at the Lovebox London Weekender . He was wearing a T-shirt with Ralph Wiggum picking his nose printed on it and sporting the same gormless look.

21.7.08 15:27


The Boy has been a touch forgetful of late.

On Friday he had a school disco to go to. He rushed home to get changed out of his school uniform into his civvies and drop his school bag. He was fed and watered then rushed out again (forgetting to close the front door - as you do) to catch a train.

Maybe a minute later there's the sound of a key in the lock.

"forgot something?"

"Yeah, shoes."

Your mama's favourite
13.7.08 23:20

Hollow legs


Would you like to meet in town for sushi they asked and we said sure.

Still it was Sunday and nobody had planned on Kulu Kulu being closed. Plan B was implemented and we headed to Yo!.

We remembered too late that The Boy was with us but his grin at the site of the coloured plates passing in front of him on their conveyor belt journey reminded us of why we normally keep Yo! to the days when we have 50% off vouchers.

A little later our companions are in awe of the quantities such a small person can eat and they take a picture of mine and MFC's combined stack next to the still towering little boy's stack of plates for posterity. More so because he took real care in choosing each of the plates and when he couldn't see anything he liked he had no qualms in asking for things off the menu instead.

The quote of the day was "I've heard before that children eat you out of house and home and I always thought it was a stupid saying. Now I understand."

8.7.08 23:56

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